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Why did we want to get into a space that is ‘over crowded’ and growing?  On a real basic level we’ve experienced how the right wheelset can bring a bike to life and change the ride completely.  We also thought buying wheelsets aftermarket is overcomplicated, intimidating and expensive.  We started Pub to solve two distinct problems.

First, make the price jump to a carbon wheelset attainable for more cyclists.  That doesn’t mean cheap…it means attainable.

Second, make the experience of finding the ideal wheelset for your bike less intimidating/complicated.  You don’t need to be an ex-pro to get dialed in 100%.  Sometimes the bike industry takes itself a little too seriously.  We wanted to ‘dumb things down’ on the buying side while turning things up on the performance side.  Sounds like marketing bullshit…I know.  Our ‘stock’ (still hand built in MN) carbon wheelsets.  They’ll be built by a master wheel builder who’s pedigree includes over 30 years in the industry. He’s been a sponsored cyclist, he’s worked in the Shimano Pro Road Pits, and spent the last 22 years dedicated to wheel building.  We pair our knowledge about wheel building with our knowledge about you for a truly game changing experience.  

Why Pub?

For about the last 14 years we have made the journey to Chamonix, France to ride.  It’s one of the most energizing towns in the world.  Regardless of your Action Sport vice there is something there to feed your addiction.  We ended up making good friends with an Englishman named Hodge who has been in Chamonix for 20 years.  He has a contagious “Eternal Stoke” for everything in life but especially bike.  Eventually we started coordinating product testing weeks with him and other friends from the area.  This turned into countless hours of talking shop in all sorts of locations around the world.  Our main office ended up being the bar that Hodge runs…and you guessed it, it’s called The Pub..

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